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Kaus is a UX project I worked on while at DesignLab’s UX Academy.


Kaus is a large insurance company that has been in the business for over 30 years. They provide all types of insurance for individuals, including property, motor, liability, marine, aviation, life, health, and protection. They traditionally have been a B2B provider but want to move into the direct-to-consumer space, where their policies can easily be purchased online. They would specifically like to tap into the millennial market and provide an experience that is easy, cost-effective, and accessible.

Research Goals

  • Understand how the insurance industry currently markets to millennials
  • Understand how millennials currently shop for insurance
  • Understand the pain points when purchasing insurance online
  • Understand the factors that go into making insurance decisions


  • Secondary Research - gain a thorough understanding of the insurance market through existing literature, articles, blog posts, etc.
  • Competitive Analysis - analyze similar insurance companies that provide direct-to-consumer insurance policies online.
  • User Interviews - interview individuals in target age group to understand their needs and goals when choosing insurance.

Secondary Research Finding

  • Millennials (ages 22-37) represent 25% of the US population and hold $200 billion in buying power
  • Insurance is tedious, time-consuming, and not optimized for the digital experience
  • Millennials value speed, flexibility, transparency, and authenticity
  • They are turned off by complex products, technical jargon, and limited self service options
  • Millennials are getting married and having children later
  • Decrease in homeowners, car, and life insurance policies
  • Renters insurance policies are rising

Competitive Analysis

  • Kaus’ competitors include Ladder, Slice, Lemonade, Metromile and Cover
  • Strengths
    • Focused on simplicity
    • Use of AI bots and camera autodetection tools
    • Clean and whimsical UI with illustrations
    • On demand pay-per-use/per-mile insurance policies
  • Weaknesses
    • Most are limited to offering only one type of insurance product
    • Limited to a small number of states

User Interviews

  • 9 interviews
  • 4 in-person, 5 via phone
  • Ages 22-38 (8 Millennials, 1 Gen X)
  • 4 male, 5 female
  • 77% are renters
  • 66% are single (never married)
  • 77% don’t have kids
  • 77% have owned a car


  • Millennials find insurance companies frustrating, non-transparent, boring, and a necessary evil.
  • They are comfortable with purchasing their policies online
  • The process of insurance buying is triggered by a major life event
  • They spend a considerable amount of time online researching and comparing policies before buying
  • Most prefer doing everything online, but still value talking to an actual human in case they have additional questions.
  • There is continued confusion surrounding the coverage they purchased, either due to lack of clarity or complex terminology.


Kaus Persona

Empathy Map

Kaus Empathy Map


Kaus Storyboard



QCard is a mobile flash card app I designed during CareerFoundry’s UX Fundamentals course where I used competitive analysis, proto-personas, user flows, wireframing, prototypes, usability testing, and iterative design.